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DSC Bike Shop knows, "The right parts can bring the most fun", when you have the right gear and strongest accessories known. The right parts can go along way; whether it's a stunt bike or daily driver that you stunt, but you need to keep it safe for work the next day. Our shop carries a full line of nothing but top-quality sportbike stunt accessories and more. Looking for your streetbike stunt parts and equipment such as: Over Sized Stunt Sprockets, Fork Seals, Throttle Kit, Frame Sliders, Crash Cages, Wheelie Bar, Clutch Kit, Wind Screens and many other custom sportbike accessories. Our stunt parts are for Honda, GSXR, Yamaha, Kawasaki.

If you really care about the right motorcycle protection and appropriate stunt riding parts that are designed for your specific bike, then DSC is the right online source for you.


We carry Stunt Parts for the following Models:

•  Suzuki 600 GSXR •  Suzuki 750 GSXR •  Suzuki 1000 GSXR •  B-King
•  Yamaha R6 600 •  Yamaha R1 1000 •  Honda CBR 600RR •  Honda CBR 900
•  Honda CBR 1000 •  Honda 954 RR •  Kawasaki ZX 600 •  Kawasaki ZX 636
•  Kawasaki ZX 900 •  kawasaki ZX 1000R •  Kawasaki ZX 1200 •  Kawasaki Z 1000

The Stunt Accessories we sell are made from the strongest parts in the industry. Allowing your motorcycle to out perform all others.

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